at March 25, 2022 2:45 am Blog

Winters and Bone and Joints Health

Winter season has been my favorite since early childhood. Fresh and chilly mornings, pale sunlight full of pink warmth and comfort and off course variety of stuffed parathas and peanuts. There is an uncomfortable memory also of my dadi rubbing various herbal oils over her knees as they used to get more painful and stiff. Winters may aggravate bone and joint pains due to decreased atmospheric pressure, deficiency of vitamin D and mainly due to lack of physical activities.

Hence, physical activity remains at the core of health plans for bone and joints during winters. Key is the “timing”. One should avoid outdoor activities like walks etc. till the sun is out and fog has settled down. This helps avoid exposure to cold and Delhi’s polluted air. This also decrease the chances of stumbling across a sleeping dog who may not take it kindly. Keep all the shopping chores for the daytime and enjoy a walk with grocery bags in your arms to ensure adequate load on the muscles and bones. Musculoskeletal system is one of the body parts that responds well to physical stress.

Indoor activities are increased to compensate for decreased outdoor times. Rough formula of 6000 to 8000 steps per day will ensure adequate function. Exposure to sunlight with adequate bare skin is encouraged though early morning or late noon is preferred.

Partake all seasonal goodies dripping with desi ghee. But ensure that you sweat it out too. Hence moderation is the key and count your calories. Summer dresses will fail to hide your bulges.

Don’t ignore aggravated aches and pains which fail to settle down with rest and crocin. Seek medical opinion and nip the problem at an early stage. Winters can be gloomy and depressive which can affect whole of the body. Plan outings with friends and visit relatives. Exhibitions and Carnivals can be therapeutic hers. Let’s make the most of this season and forget about aches and pains.