About Total Hip Replacement

Often also known as Hip arthroplasty, this process requires the inclusion into the pelvis bone and femur with or at times without cement. Each patient might have different needs and the procedure is given according to the precise need of each one of them. This indeed is a surgical procedure wherein a patient’s hip bone is surgically substituted by imitation fixtures.  The natural hip joint is nothing more than a cap shaped ball along with a socket. When this ball gets diseased due to end number of reasons like an injury, age, diabetes etc.  It is then restored with non-natural materials like metal or ceramic through surgery.

Symptoms of Hip Joint failures

  • Chronic joint pains are the first and foremost indication of an unhealthy Hip joint.
  • The patients are barred to perform daily routine activities like walking, sitting etc.
  • Patients tend to develop severe Hip arthritis.
  • Inflammation, pains accompanied with swelling are common symptoms that must not be overlooked.
  • Many patients complain of their joint areas going warmer than the rest of the body.
  • At time the area becomes reddish and cause extreme discomfort.


Cause for Total Hip Replacement

  • There could be several reasons that could damage or injure the hip joint. This leads to chronic pain and also makes patients disabled. This condition often required Total Hip Replacement.
  • Arthritis is another major cause that leads to Total Hip Replacement. There are two major types of arthritis that largely makes people suffer, like:
    1. Osteoarthritis
    2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    3. Traumatic Arthritis
  • These along with a sudden trauma or an accident might lead to damage the hip joint because of an intense pressure. This condition is extremely sudden and very painful, so replacement comes as the most vital option in cases like an injury, accident, fall etc that leads to fractures in the hip joint.
  • One of the other causes could be like the increasing age and lifestyle diseases that cause the bone to deform.
  • Childhood issues like development dysplasia, congenital dislocation
  • Perthes Disease


Treatment options: Total Hip Replacement

The treatment is done by a well versed and practiced surgeon who makes an opening into the hip joint and hereby replaces the damaged hip joint with a non natural joint made out of materials like ceramic or metal at times. This is a short surgery that takes no more than 90 minutes.

After taking a review of the patient’s entire heath history, its sensitivities, allergies etc. The patients are required to be empty stomach for at least 8 hours prior to the surgery.

Sedatives are given prior to the planned surgery to help the patients get relaxed.

Post the surgery there is certain down time given that varies as per patients. They are required to slow down and let the wound of the surgery heal down.

The patients must take a proper diet, antibiotic medicines and adequate rest in order to get back on feet easily.


How Total Hip Replacement works:

  • The total Hip Replacement certainly works and offers its benefits. It is directly proportionate to the patient’s pain and moving abilities. Most of the ideal patients for this treatment range between the age of 50-80 years. The doctors pick on these patients as per their individual medical histories, complications, regular medications, diseases etc.
  • The treatment helps in reducing the pain and enhances the ability to perform the daily activities.
  • The stiffness in the Hip joint reduces significantly and makes the patients move and lift their leg better and with ease.
  • The Total Hip Replacement is all the more beneficial once clubbed with physiotherapy, walking supports, medications, adequate weight and a positive mind.


Side effects of Total Hip Replacement:

As the various medical procedures have its own set of complications and side effects too. Here are a few of the complications that might arise:

At times metal hips might cause severe difficulties like dislocation, infection in the surgery wound, metallosis.

There is a possibility of the metal cups to get loose that in increases the discomfort altogether.