To ensure complete solution to painful joints, we offer following services –
• All Inclusive Bones & Joints Care Under one roof
• Comprehensive Orthopaedic and Allied Consultation
• Diagnostic Workup at Home
• Disease Explanation and Self-Care Classes
• Comprehensive Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Packages
• Regenerative Medicine
• Product Showroom for Medicines, Braces and Orthosis
• Dietary Consultation for Weight Management
• Complex Musculoskeletal Injuries Management
• Sports Injury Clinics
• Surgeries for Joint Reconstruction and Replacement
• Senior Citizens Orthopaedic Care
• Surgeries for Osteoporotic Fractures
• Home Care
• Unhappy Joint Post Surgery Clinic
• Second Opinion Clinic
• Financial help for Ortho Treatment
• Patient and Medic Educational Courses.