Hip Joint Anatomy: A New Technology for Better Life

There are so many new surgical options and technologies that have come up in the market which definitely seems to be effective. Talking of which hip joint anatomy is one such incredible surgery that helps the person to stand on his feet again. Also known as hip joint replacement, this surgery is specially designed to replace the hip joints with the joints that are man-made. The artificial joint which is attached in the hip is called prosthesis. This type of surgery is only performed by the expert surgeon who holds years of experience in this field.

Know More About Hip Joint Anatomy:

The hip joint is similar to a ball socket and is located at the center point of the joint. The femoral head is called the ball and the acetabulum is the socket that keeps the joint attach. This socket is made from the cartilage and bones that helps in smooth walking.  In Hip replacement operation, the replace of the damaged socket and ball is done with the new one which is made from artificial synthetic parts. There can be immense pain and difficulty in walking if the hip or thigh bone is injured. Although there are many pain killing options like therapy and medications but it will never give lasting results as that of this replacement surgery

Patients who require Hip Replacement

As per the Orthopaedic Surgeons associated, there are many people specifically of the age between 50 to 80 that requires such type of treatment. This surgery is performed for the patients who have arthritis issue. Arthritis is a diseases that breaks the cartilage because of which the bone keep on rubbing each other and result to severe pain. It can treat traumatic, rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis easily. Usually before opting for this surgery, doctors may advise nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but still if there is no possible outcome then hip joint replacement is the right solution.

Understand the Process:

Hip replacement anatomy is a new technology that offers maximum comfort and better way of walking. During this process, there are four components used such as a metal socket, a liner that helps the ball movement, a ceramic ball for replacing the femoral head and a metal rod for better stabilization. The surgeons with the help of a camera and necessary surgical equipments use these components and work on the replacement effectively.

When looking for a surgeon, make sure you do a good homework. The latest technologies have certainly made the job much simpler but the experience of a surgeon equally matters the most. It is always better to speak with the people who have previously opted for such type of surgery and are happy with the necessary assistance offered by the doctor. This type of surgery can be time taking depending upon the severity of the problem. But there are many physiotherapists who can equally help you out to start with the life again. This surgery is a life saver and effective provided you equally take a great care of yourself.