Elbow surgery is performed to replace the elbow most commonly and it is a complex procedure, since there are several moving parts existing in the elbow to control the forearm movements with great precision for balancing each other.

Elbow Problems

Elbow is usually damaged because of various reasons, like rheumatoid arthritis that gets developed with the age to the sudden traumatic fractures that may happen because of the accidents. These elbow problems are treated either repairing the damaged elbow surgically or by replacing the elbow with replacement surgery. Replacement surgery is basically needed to relieve severe pain of the elbow.
Different elbow problems are treated with different kinds of surgeries.

Elbow Replacement Surgery

If the damage is extensive the treatment opted would be elbow replacement surgery. Usually, one portion of the damaged joint would be replaced. For instance, an artificial head is replaced if the damage is only one forearm bone. On the other hand, sometimes entire joint may need to be replaced by removing the ends of the bones joining together within the elbow. Bone is like a simple hard tube with a soft center. In this soft central part of the bones, slender and long ends of the artificial joints would be inserted.
Replacement of the elbow makes use of the prosthetic devices called linked and unlinked.

Tennis Elbow Surgery

Tennis elbow problem is the result of playing tennis too much. However, any activity which demands repeated movement of the elbow continuously also cause this tennis elbow problem. It is caused from the damage to the arm tendons, which help connecting the elbow to the muscles and results in pain and swelling in the elbow.
Most of the tennis elbow problems can be treated and relieved from pain relievers, rest, few adjustments made to the game related activities.