Anti-depressants have NO ROLE in back pain and osteoarthritis

Anti-depressants have NO ROLE in back pain and osteoarthritis Chronic pain may impact a patient psychologically. Be it irritability, depression or anxiety, the chronic condition can trigger a vicious cycle, making it refractory to complete cure. Therefore when treating such patients, physicians and orthopaedics worldwide, add an anti-depressant in their prescription to lessen the emotional baggage and promote healing.

Exercise Releases ‘Cannabis’ to Fight Inflammation

Exercise Releases ‘Cannabis’ to Fight Inflammation We know that exercise decreases chronic inflammation, a cause for diseases like cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.  But little was known, until now, about how it helped to reduce inflammation.

Locomotion Disability In Senior Citizens

Locomotion Disability In Senior Citizens On world disability day, lets talk about the scourge of old age, i.e. loss of independent mobility in old age. Locomotion syndrome was coined in Japan which has significant geriatric population. It was noticed that as people age, their ability to do chores outside home start decreasing. Locomotion syndrome is defined when a person cant carry more than 2 kg weight or walk for more than 15 minutes continuously. Slowly, gradually their ability to get up from seat start getting affected and their gait become slow and sluggish. This happens due to degenerative changes in the discs of spine, cartilage of hip and knee joint, loss of muscle mass called sarcopenia. All these gets further complicated by osteoporotic fractures of spine and proximal femur. With the steady rise inpercentage of geriatric population in India, we need to identify these subset of elderlies and intervene before they become a burden on the society and healthcare.

Golden Age and Independent Mobility

Golden Age and Independent Mobility Falling sick and being looked after is part of the life and we all look forward to the recovery. Resumption of preinjury or illness routine has become the endpoint of healing process rather than absence of symptoms. Bed rest is no more the recommendation on prescriptions. “Move it or loose it” is the motto as its feared that 25% of the body mass is lost by 70 yrs age even in active elderlies making them loose their mobility to the extent that they become dependent on someone to take them to hospital. This is the most fearful aspect of getting old, i.e. loss of independent mobility.

Robotics and Joint Surgeries

Robotics and Joint Surgeries Artificial intelligence has permeated into every part of our life. Its no longer necessary to remember the landmarks on your route as google maps may offer a less congested route to your destination.

Winters and Bone and Joints Health

Winters and Bone and Joints Health Winter season has been my favorite since early childhood. Fresh and chilly mornings, pale sunlight full of pink warmth and comfort and off course variety of stuffed parathas and peanuts. There is an uncomfortable memory also of my dadi rubbing various herbal oils over her knees as they used to get more painful and stiff. Winters may aggravate bone and joint pains due to decreased atmospheric pressure, deficiency of vitamin D and mainly due to lack of physical activities.