Who We Are

We are a group of orthopaedic surgeons across geographies and spread out globally, each with more than 30 years of active and successful orthopaedic practice. For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic was an eye opener. The imposition of a nationwide lockdown and strict implementation of social distancing norms exposed our patients’ vulnerability as we explored alternative ways of reaching out to them.

Most of our patients, the older adults suffering from chronic conditions or aging immune systems who rely on social connections, friends and family to feel purposeful and stay connected were suddenly isolated. Their one-on-one care givers were practicing social distancing too.

Dr Joints, an orthopaedic practice, realised the need of the hour. Its services are now available online and customised for the patient: be it a doctor consultation, a chatroom with other patients, orthopaedic products that can be ordered online or care services for the elderly or post-surgery. Even if a service is not mentioned here, do reach out to us with your request and we shall walk that extra mile with you.

 Our Mission

Engage, Enrol, Empower, Enable, MSK afflicted to live a pain-free and active, independent life.

  Our Vision

A Musculoskeletal Disability Free Society with Universal Access to Dr Joints Clinics
Public and Private Ventures are the future of healthcare. Dr Joints shall be at the forefront of public health missions to ensure MSK Health across India and globally.

  Our Goal

Establish a Dr Joints Clinic in every district and connect with every sportsperson, accident victim and senior citizen to prevent and treat MSK Disability.