This is a speciality clinic for joint pains and diseases.

We believe in empowering the person with proper knowledge about the disease. This makes him take care of his joints in a better way.

All treatment modalities and consultations are structured around that.

If I know about the disease and its affect on my body, I would be more inclined to take care of my joints. Like in Knee school, I get to know about anatomy and functions of various parts. I also understand the factors aggravating my condition. Like wise what is good for my joints. This way I can take care of them better.

We will be assessed and examined in detail. Appropriate investigations are done to confirm the diagnosis. Then a treatment plan is customized for you consisting of physiotherapy, kinesiology, medications.

It is the study of coordinated actions of muscles to achieve a desired activity. For example, in knee pains, when walking gets affected, appropriate exercises are designed for pelvis and knees to get the patient moving.

Medicines fall under three broad categories, Curative, Palliative and Neutraceuticals.

Curative ones, cure the disease like anti rheumatoid drugs etc.

Palliative ones, control the pain, fever and inflammation etc.

Neutraceuticals correct deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins to restore functioning of joints and bones.

Joint injections can be of steroids to control inflammation and effusion. They are usually given in cases where symptoms are acute or patient is planning surgery shortly.

Another class is called Viscosupplementation whereby viscous gel is injected in to the knee. This acts as lubricating oil and is recommended in early arthritic and dry joints.

We have PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is harvested from patients blood and injected in to joint in the hope of healing cartilage defects.

Stem cells are also tried with the same hope.

If you have been advised surgery for the joints and you are confused, you are most welcome to come and discuss your doubts with us. Its always good to know various options available.

It’s a general term used for patients who are not satisfied with their surgeries. We provide a scientific assessment and a sound solution to the problem. At times, mere counseling can do wonders to your morale

Sports injuries are a different subset of patients and problems. There expectations are more and require dedicated solutions.