Dietary Consultation

We are what we eat and goes a long way in defining ourselves.

Our nutritionist, advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health.

Dietary consultation is a part of the patient care programme provided by a dietician to give an education about the diet and nutrition which are essential for a healthy body. A patient can also request the health care provider to initiate such types of educational programmes. The dietary consultation includes an assessment of an individual’s eating habits, a strategy implementation for dietary care and follow up the patient's nutritional habits for educational, nutritional and therapeutic purposes.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet means the consumption of food according to the habit.This word also used to describe the act of restricting an individual to a small amount of food or a special type of food for the sake of losing weight or for some medical reasons. An unhealthy diet can lead to many lifestyle-related diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, obesity etc.
Nutrition is the science and practice of consuming food according to the body’s dietary needs. Healthy and good nutrition are necessary to keep the body and mind healthy. It is necessary to get a nutrition consultation to get a better understanding of what kind of nutrition we have to add in our daily diet and to get a healthy life.

Steps in a dietary care programme

  • A nutritional problem of an individual is identified which is either referred by a doctor or requested by an individual.
  • Dietary diagnosis
  • Professionals coordinate and plan actions.
  • A dietician implements the specific actions.
  • Each consultation is assessed by a dietician
  • Assessment of the results

  • Importance of good nutrition and a balanced diet

    Good nutrition and a healthy diet is a very much essential factor to lead a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet is necessary to get a nutritionally healthy diet. Due to the lack of nutrition in diet, a person gets prone to any disease and infection. In children, a poor diet can lead to impair the growth and development. It is necessary to take time to time dietary consultation and online nutritionist consultation for a healthy lifestyle. You can take a nutritional consultation either from a hospital or from a dietary care programme and from online nutritionists.

    Why do we need nutrition and diet consultation?

    Everyone has different nutritional need according to their physical activity, gender, weight and medical conditions, environment, age etc. A diet plan varies from person to person hence the help of a dietician is advisable to follow a healthy diet plan.

    She offers customized nutrition and weight loss plans that are realistic, easy to follow and reflect stepwise change, balance and flexibility.

    She will provide you with the education, advice, resources, motivation and support you need to help you make permanent lifestyle changes and reach your health goals.