Comprehensive Ortho Consultation

Our in house team of Orthopaedic consultants come with vast knowledge and experience.

They expertise in all bones and joints problems including injuries – acute or chronic.

Specialty areas include hand, elbow, foot and ankle, apart from knee, spine, shoulder and hip.

Our Doctors endeavor to provide best and most effective non surgical treatment as being surgeon, they are well aware of the pathologies afflicting the bones and joints.

We believe in Step Up Approach – i.e. starting with (Varies with Disease Stage):

  • Life style and dietary modifications,

  • Exercises for joints and soul

  • Medications for pain and strengthening of musculoskeletal system

  • If there is no relief then we step up to:

    Physio Modalities such as Taping, Needling, Cupping etc.

    If this also fails then we resort to minimally invasive techniques like Joint Injections and Key Hole Surgeries.

    In refractory cases, our Surgeons perform the needed surgery and patient continues with post op physio and rehabilitation with us.