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Best Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeon in India

Knee and Hip replacements are in great demand nowadays and have high success rates. Most people who have undergone the procedure report significantly less hip pain and a greater ability to perform daily activities.

The most important part of going through corrective measures in Hip Replacement surgeries is to find the best and most experienced surgeon.

It is always advised to aim for the best surgeon who can guide you about the hip replacement, provide a pre-surgery counselling and have expertise in performing this procedure. To make yourself satisfied and alert before going for a surgery you can gather information about the surgeon such as –

  • Their specialisation area
  • Their overall success rate
  • If they are open to muscle sparing replacements
  • Estimated recovery time
  • Provision of aftercare or rehabilitation

  • Dr. Dhananjay Gupta is one of the leading Knee and Hip replacement surgeons in India, who can satisfy all the above mentioned doubts in a patient’s mind. He has many accolades in his profile and has an edge with multiple corrective surgeries such as Joint Replacement (knee replacement, Hip replacement, Adult Joint Reconstruction and Spine surgeries. Well known for his substantial and incomparable contribution in the field of orthopaedics, he works as a senior Orthopaedic Consultant.

    Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure By Top Surgeons of Delhi

    Total hip and knee replacements are the surgical procedures performed to provide relief from the arthritic pain. Other problems also require hip and knee replacements such as hip and knee fractures. Its very difficult to find the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi, who can understand what exactly you are facing.

    Hip replacement surgery By Best Surgeon

    When hip replacement surgery is needed?

    Hip replacement surgery is needed in the case when you are not able to perform your daily activities because of excessive pain in the hip joints and when your hip pain is reducing your quality of life. You should consult with the best hip replacement surgeon in India your doctor if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Excessive pain in the hips
  • If you can’t climb stairs, can't get up from the chair and facing difficulty in walking, sitting, moving and doing daily activities.
  • If you are an arthritic patient and feeling excessive pain and stiffness in the hips.
  • When medications given by your health care provider are no more relieving your pain.

  • Procedure: The hip joint is just like a ball and socket joint. The ball rotates in the socket for the proper movement of the hip. While performing the hip replacement surgery doctor replaces the painful hip joint to an artificial (metallic/plastic/alloy) joint. With the help of hip surgery, you can easily move your hip joint without any pain and difficulty.

    Knee replacement surgery

    Knee: Two long leg bones held together by muscle s, ligaments and tendons form a knee joint.

    When the knee replacement surgery is needed?

    You should consult with best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi for the knee replacement surgery if you are having the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis with severe pain and inflammation in the knee.
  • Severe knee pain and swelling into the knees even in the resting position.
  • Facing problem in daily activities like sitting, laying down, climbing the stairs, walking.
  • When you are done with all the other treatment methods and such as oral medication, creams and ointments, injections, exercises, physical therapy, nutrition supplements etc and didn’t get satisfactory pain relief.

  • Procedure

    Knee replacement surgery is also called knee arthroplasty. Weight-bearing surfaces of the knee are removed by this surgical procedure. Ends of the bones that form the knee joint are capped by metal and plastic parts. If you are facing difficulty while sitting, laying down, walking and doing other daily activities and if medicines are not relieving your arthritic pain then you should consult with Dr. Dhananjay Gupta, who runs an esteemed orthopaedic clinic “Doctor Joints”. Dr. Dhananjay Gupta is the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi having vast experience in orthopaedics.

    Work Experience

    Dr Dhananjay did his initial studies from GR Medical College in Gwalior and Sancheti Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehab in Pune. He holds a Fellowship in AO (Advanced Trauma) from Tubingen, Germany. Being a constant learner, he has received training from different places including centres of excellence for Joint Replacements (Hip and Knee replacement) and Sports Injury in Australia and Germany. Practicing in this field from past 15 years and specialisation in Sports injury and Joint Replacement (Hip and Knee replacement) makes him one of the most sought after and best serving Orthopaedic Surgeon in India.

    Apart from surgical interventions, Dr. Dhananjay Gupta has his fair share in the field of research. He is involved with the Editorial Board of BC Institute of Physiotherapy as a faculty member. His expert credentials are in Computer Navigation Techniques, Patient Specific Instrumentation Systems and Minimal Invasive Surgeries with least postoperative pain.